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What is Presearch? How does it works? Be Crypto Friendly 😉

Want to earn cryptocoins, tokens and get rewards? This is really for free and with non effort at all.

Right now I have more than 170 tokens and you must have more than 1,000 to get the money in your bank account, but don’t worry, I just only used Presearch for only 2 months and did nothing to get money, just searches.


Presearch is a search engine for browsers, I use it on Google Chrome, but you can find it for many platforms like: Android, iOS, Mozilla, etc. Presearch gives you tokens when you look for words, images, or any information on it’s engine, so, it’s like Google but this engine gives you tokens that you can exchange them in the future for real money or crypto coins.

Presearch Earn Coins & Crypto


In the image shown before, we can take a deep look into my Presearch: we can appreciate rewards of 0.25 tokens and two of 25. The last ones represented referrals, with your referral code you can earn much coins as looking for information, in this case I invited many friends and here in the pic we can see two of them already registered and using the platform since 60 days of antiquity.

Every time we look for keywords on we earn nothing, and every time we look for information on Presearch, we earn .25 tokens, this is really cool because you will use the same engine (Google) and the results from your searches will be the same (and earning crypto).

You can setup Presarch for many engines like: Wikipedia, Youtube, Google Images, Dribble, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, DuckDuckGoGo, and much more!

Presearch Earn Coins & Crypto Presearch Earn Coins & Crypto

You are going to have many engines to look for daily information and with your searches will earn real money.

Once you have signed up to the platform you will need to install the chrome extension to verify the process.

This is my refferal code:

Sign up, start using it without thinking that you are going to make millions and be millionaire in months, just use it, refer your friends, help this startup and exchange the tokens in the future for crypto coins or dollars.

Enjoy it!