For what is all this stuff of naming marketing with different cool names?

This beautiful strategy to gain users. That’s all!

With content marketing and the born of social media, every single day more than million and million of contents are generated every 0.001 second. This is totally insane, because you can imagine the fake news around the world with the born of this new and glorious invention.

Search Engine Optimization, mostly known as the famous: SEO, is part of the inbound marketing as well. Why? Because is for this engine that we work with marketing, to be indexed inside the mostly known browsers on the first pages, being well ranked and scored by the SEO, and all of these is thanks to the content you upload in your site, your social media, your accounts on blogs, your life.

Inbound is the new marketing, because we can go through the users without moving from our houses, we can do it for free or paying to different services like: Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Ads and more Ads by the way. Outbound marketing doesn’t even exist anymore, don’t waste your time trying to do old marketing strategies because in a couple of years we are not going to use it anymore, don’t be an old enterprise, don’t waste your money on announces in the streets, newspapers or those stuff, start paying attention to the internet and globalization and this is going to be better for you (and for the environment too :D).