Don’t waste your money & time anymore on announces and ads on streets, routes, newspapers or those stuff… start your business in the internet and globalize your products with new strategies, this is going to be better for you (and for the environment :D).

Inbound Marketing is the new way, because we can go through the users without moving from our houses, we can do it for free or paying to different services like: Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Ads and more Ads by the way.

As we discuss about inbound and outbound marketing and old tools, digital marketing is the new way since the internet came to our lifes. If you want to make your company known, the best option and choice for you will be this:

  1. Create content every day.
  2. Create new content.
  3. Not copy and paste content. Right?
  4. Link everything inside your site. Please… not everything, every single text which matters, really care about.
  5. Tag and categorize your posts, portfolio, services, etc.
  6. Make your site to be indexed by the way… Install a great plug on your CMS. If you have to pay for the product, don’t waste your money, find the way out to get the best option for this.
  7. Make beautiful images and features for your posts and articles.
  8. Write about one subject and don’t fool around with many diferents contents.

If you generate content, your website is going to be ranked higher because your content is unique and this means everything for Google. When we are dealing with marketers and commonly named “specialist on marketing stuff bla bla”, we have to hear any kind of barbarities and atrocities that really hurts for those who works and study hard every single day.

By doing these highlights, doing them well, you’re not going to pay even a penny for your first rank on browsers, you are going to be live with a great website which has huge results.

Remember, old marketing is not the way to choose, inbound is the coolest name ever, but digital marketing still being the best choice because is the mother of everything here (forget marketing, remember good names).