Users first I said, design is for everyone including those people who can’t see.

If you are a blind, right now you know that design cares, nobody wants sh**ty designs with wrong and ugly colors, bad designed, texts distributed around the app/website or product without any sense, or you know, just an ugly product because you can’t see it, that it’s not fair and that is the whole truth:

Design is what your products looks like and feels like, design is not only matters of what you are seeing, design is how it works too. A great entrepreneur said this cool quote, if you know from whom I am talking you are probably thinking exactly the same as me, if you design something it has to be beautiful, every single item has to have the right colors, the right sizes, the right proportions, motions, flows, animations, texts, every each of your elements which compose the entire product must be ready for be sale.

Steve Jobs said this about how the product works and how the product will work in the future, just to implement new stuffs without any problem for the user, doesn’t matter if you have an old version of the product, the system must work well. I am a little bit against Apple and iOS and you can read it in this postBrailling: Introduction To #Accessibility.

The main thing is humanity, if you care about somebody, this one, probably will care about you. Replace “somebody” with “user” and replace “you” with “product“.