Juan Manuel Jacinto

Juan Manuel Jacinto

I am a Multimedia Designer, graduated from Escuela de Artes Multimediales Da Vinci [Da Vinci School of Multimedia Arts], Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was born on May 10, 1994 and I have vast working experience in the digital area.


The one in charge of UX & UI and Founder of Brailling: a launcher for Android, which is included in the industry of mobile accessibility and telephony.

My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in #entrepreneurship, #innovationand vizslas.

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Accessibility launcher for the blinds

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PowerApps! What is it? How it works? Everything!

PowerApps What is it? Talking about UX & UI What could be the future of the apps? What is it? PowerApps is a platform made by #Microsoft that allows developers and the common user to build apps from selectable templates or from scratch. Being a PowerApps developer means that you can create, manage and share …

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Me as a Certified Scrum Product Owner! (CSPO)

Thanks to Arkano for giving to me this opportunity to grown in the company as a Product Owner. Let’s go! The course is quite complete, you will learn about using scrum methodologies to manage large teams inside a company or startup. Issued To: Juan Manuel JacintoBadge ID: 1111795Issued By: Scrum Alliance®Location: Denver, CO, USIssue Date: …

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¡Actualizaciones en Brailling Keyboard!

Brailling se encuentra actualizado y listo para el uso de los usuarios. Nuevos gestos y comandos de pantalla fueron incorporados, junto a la rebaja y optimización del peso de la aplicación. El teclado se dejó listo para el testeo final, el uso masivo y la posibilidad de utilizarlo en cualquier situación. Para escribir en braille …

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Why should I use UX in my projects?

The answer to this question is simple. We can answer it with another question: Do I really care about my user’s experiences? If we answered “yes,” we are going to use as many user experience methodologies as possible, because they are going to add value to our projects in many ways. User experience is not …

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Little introduction about accessibility

Accessibility is not only design products, services, or environments for people with disabilities, is easier to explain. Wikipedia So what? Tell me more about #accessibility, please. Accessibility is the practice of making your products or services usable by as many people as possible. We traditionally think of this as being about people with disabilities, like …

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The truly truth about Presearch (PRE)

I recently wrote about PRE, but, let’s start again. Don’t read this article thinking about earning easy money, read this being an entrepreneur for life trying to look for some really cool tools for your tech-life. Geeks from internet 😉 What is Presearch? It’s a search engine based on blockchain. It use a combination of …

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