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A teacher is not a giver of the truth, he is a pointer of the truth who each student must find for himself.

Aprendé Brailling!

Update 2020: Realizamos un módulo de aprendizaje braille gratuito en español para Android. Las escuelas primarias, secundarias, las y los familiares y/o profesionales que quieran podrán aprender o indagar en el sistema braille desde sus Read more…

UX & UI Food Delivery

Made some dashboards for the delivery’s environment. You will find a common interface where the user can swipe between items easily, order and buy watching every little detail he/she wanna see about its charge. Some Read more…

Spark AR. My Filters!

Right now I have more than 10 filters made by my own, but here I leave you 4 of my most used filters! Have fun using them! Follow me to use all my filters! Read more…

Streaming App UI

Streaming App’s User Interface is on the way! Using rounded corners, fancy colors, and font weights. Some degrees from the main color to translucent % 100, respecting gaps and spaces between the elements.